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January 31, 2014

On the Spot Photography Printing

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For close to 15 years now we have had photographic prints back at motorsport events for competitors to take home.

To do this we have had to get back to our photography lab in Cowes (Phillip Island) for printing then back to the track.

This obviously restricted the events where we could offer this happy new year quotes service, primarily running the photography service at Phillip Island. Weekend events at Sandown, Winton and Broadford were still possible but it involved driving back to Phillip Island, printing all night then driving back to the distant track straight away without sleep!

However with changes in technology it has recently become possible to put a mobile photography lab together and take our photography service on the road.

Check out the quick video below which gives a brief overview of the set-up.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if there is any motorsport events that we need to be offering this service at..


October 7, 2015

2015 Barry Sheene Festival Of Speed

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2015 was the second year we covered the Barry Sheene Festival Of Speed.

Being able to travel up to Sydney with our mobile photo lab to offer our photography service is awesome ūüôā

November 28, 2013

New SDPICS Display Trailer

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Since May 2013 we have had a new trailer that opens up to display a number of framed posters.

If you are interested in having a 24×36 inch montage poster at your next event then don’t hesitate to contact us

May 22, 2013

Half Price Download for Older Images

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Recently I offered SDPICS members half price on any download orders (this was a one off).

I found it interesting that quite a few people took advantage of the offer to go back and download photos from older events.

Then last night I had a very interesting / constructive email from SDPICS member Jordon.

Jordon put it to me that most downloads would be for recent events so why not offer older photo downloads at a discounted price?

I couldn’t agree with him more!

So from now on any photos older than 12 months can be downloaded for half price!

I really appreciated the feedback and I’m more than happy to listen to such constructive feedback or otherwise in the future from my valued customers!




May 21, 2013

2013 Historic Winton Poster Montages

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March 1, 2013

Phillip Island Classic Poster Montages

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Next Weekend is the 2013 Phillip Island Classic.  One of the biggest Historic Car Racing events in the world!!

If you are competing then you have a chance to take home a framed photographic montage.

If you pre order a poster montage then we will design, print, frame and have your poster montage ready for you to take home from the event.

  • Request any specific photos
  • Have any text you like
  • Great as a present, for sponsors or for your own wall!

Poster Montages can also be ordered at the event but we can only post out the montages as prints (unframed).

* Framed 24×36 inch poster montage – $275
*¬†24×36 inch poster montage – print only – $175

Here is a few poster montages ordered at the recent Sandown Historics meeting:



You can also see some of the pre ordered poster montages on display here at last months Island Classic Historic Bike Event:


Pre Order You Framed Poster Montage Now!

Steve Duggan
Phone 0414 283 684

January 22, 2013

Take a Framed Poster Montage Home From The 2013 Island Classic

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This weekend is the 20th International Island Classic and our 12th year of covering the event!

As always we will photograph all competitors and have 8×12 inch prints available to view and purchase on Saturday and Sunday.

For the first time at the Island Classic poster montage prints can be ordered.

If you order  a poster montage before Saturday afternoon then we can have it designed, printed, framed and ready for you to take home on Sunday.

*24×36 inch framed montage poster¬† $275
*24×36 inch montage poster (unframed)¬† $175


  • Request Any Photos you’d like taken
  • Have any text you’d like
  • Great for your own wall
  • Great for sponsors / Thank You’s

Pre Order your own poster montage now!

Steve Duggan 0414 283 684


November 22, 2012

Framed Photo Montages Take Home From Event

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Over the last year we have offered 24×36 inch photo montages at events.

To show as examples there is usually a couple of poster montages designed, printed, framed and hung on display for viewing (Sunday of event).

The montages are designed using photos from that event!¬† The driver / rider who happens to be on display usually can’t help but buy the framed montage of themselves to take home.

As with my standard photography service there is never any obligation for competitors to buy photos and having a framed montage poster on display is no exception!

You can see the 4 framed montage examples we had on display at Historic Sandown recently.  The framed montages serve as great examples for other competitors wanting to order one but are also a great piece of memorabilia to be taken home on the weekend!


We will continue to have example poster montages designed, framed and available to take home from weekend events.  If you would like to be on display at an upcoming event (remember no obligation to purchase) simply let me know CONTACT US.



August 8, 2012

2012 Phillip Island 6 Hour Regularity Relay

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50 teams with a variety of teams compete in the Phillip Island 6 Hour Regularity.


June 13, 2012

Being interviewed by Mark Bracks

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As part of the 2012 Island Classic event DVD I was interviewed by Mark Bracks..

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