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November 28, 2013

New SDPICS Display Trailer

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Since May 2013 we have had a new trailer that opens up to display a number of framed posters.

If you are interested in having a 24×36 inch montage poster at your next event then don’t hesitate to contact us

June 13, 2012

Being interviewed by Mark Bracks

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As part of the 2012 Island Classic event DVD I was interviewed by Mark Bracks..

August 25, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone to be Launched Next Month!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone:

The news about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 launch is very much highlighted and is seen drawing various conclusions. Rumors are being made that the new Samsung project model will be launched in the coming month of February 2017 at the Mobile World Congress – MWC event. There is no such official statement made by any of the official members currently.

The rumors also indicate that the samsung galaxy s8 release date might take a step further in the coming months of March/April and launch the smartphone in the New York City most preferably on the 18th April 2017. However, this could be only a speculation until there is no official confirmation made.

The Company Aims at Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone:

Samsung is one of the top rated manufacturing companies that urge t launching various smartphones all across the world in the past few years. The Company has got huge fame which indirectly increases the demand and popularity of its products.  The company is engrossed in the new launch of the model Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and has the aim to sell more of the model units. With such aim, the company has designed the model in such a way that it attracts the attention of the customers through its great features and specifications which will be revealed shortly. All eyes are struck to find out more about the smartphone and the rumors are also increasing the zeal among the customers.

According to the reports,” There is a possibility of the S8 smartphones being showcased a month or two ahead of the actual release date.” This throws a sense of indication that the Company might showcase the product at the MWC. This sounds very much familiar to the Galaxy S6 and S7 launch at the MWC and the same strategy is said to be applied for the new model also. The company aims at the mass production and the release date of the smartphone is also postponed to the mid of April month.

Samsung Company to set Goals with the release of Galaxy S8:

The Samsung Company has set higher goals with the release of the new Galaxy S 8 smartphone to recover the loss faced with the Note Model that proved to be a flop. The Company is all mind-set to sell more of the S8 units and each a maximum of 60 million sales of the units. As per the calculations, the Company had sold about 45 million Galaxy S6 and 48 million Galaxy S7 units in the past 2015/2016.

If we brush up some more records of the company, the Company will nearly sell 65 million galaxy S3 smartphones and 70 million Galaxy S4 units which are spectacular. All the aims are made ambitious and the goal is all set to reach the target of 60 million units. Let’s just wait for nay of the official announcement coming forward from any of the official sources. Till then, stay connected with us.

May 3, 2010

AMCN Oz Test

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The AMCN Oz Test was wet – wet – wet!! Rob Murdoch did a great job shooting the 2 days..

January 10, 2010

Showbox for PC, Laptop | Download on Windows 8/8.1/10

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An APP is an abbreviation for the word APPLICATION. An app is an Application better known as mini software that can be downloading to your personal computer. Show Box app is one of its kinds, which enables you to view Clippings, videos, games and movies on your PC.

Download and install Show Box Apk for Android, iOS and on your PC. The Company which provides Show box app provides the download and installation for free. If you want to be a regular or a professional user of the application, then you can download this app, bring the movies and video world to your PC, and enjoy watching whatever you like.

Showbox App for PC/Laptop on Windows 8/8.1/10:

Since it is a powerful application having been designing with the latest technical aspects, it is using in a viewing of TV shows movies and video clippings. It is mainly designed to watch movies High-Density quality, which keeps you glued to the film you are watching. The unusual aspect of the Show box is unlimited, and you can put a break for watching the movie you selected at any time of the running frames. Whenever you want to resume watching again, you have just got to click the play button which enables you to start playing the movie from the place you stopped.

The application provides a broad range of selected items for watching missed episodes of a TV series, which you watch regularly. It not only allows you to watch your favorite tv show but also enables downloading and storage of the set for future viewing. It also allows you to save your wish list for personalization. The application is power with powerful features which make it as number one utility for regular viewing of movies and TV shows online, without interruption.

Also, the Showbox for PC comes with some advanced features that enable you to select video quality selection, primary language support, and searching by name and date of the upload. You can also use the app to personalize your library section.


Once you download this APP Just follow some simple steps and you are ready to enjoy your favorite TV series and videos without the worry of missing any episode! Show Box is one such application which delivers you the complete entertainment pack by serving all your preferred cinema and events for free of charge! Yes, if you are a movie buff, Showbox for PC is definitely for you.

Show Box is designed only for Android OS devices, but you can use it on your PC using Android emulator Blue Stacks. All you have to do is to download and install Blue Stacks on your computer which is available for free download on the internet On the whole this application is a rare gift for people who are not comfortable in watching thro’ Android Mobiles. They can download this great featured software onto their PC and start watching videos, movies with ease and spend their Sundays or holidays with a relaxed mood.

March 13, 2009

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit – Staff Photo Shoot

As preferred supplier of photographic services at the Phillip Grand Prix Circuit we have a fantastic relationship with all the staff.
Each year at the Phillip Island round of the World Superbikes we have a photo shoot with all the staff on the starting grid.
The following video gives a brief insight into how many people are working behind the scenes to make such an event tick.


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