Over the last year we have offered 24×36 inch photo montages at events.

To show as examples there is usually a couple of poster montages designed, printed, framed and hung on display for viewing (Sunday of event).

The montages are designed using photos from that event!  The driver / rider who happens to be on display usually can’t help but buy the framed montage of themselves to take home.

As with my standard photography service there is never any obligation for competitors to buy photos and having a framed montage poster on display is no exception!

You can see the 4 framed montage examples we had on display at Historic Sandown recently.  The framed montages serve as great examples for other competitors wanting to order one but are also a great piece of memorabilia to be taken home on the weekend!


We will continue to have example poster montages designed, framed and available to take home from weekend events.  If you would like to be on display at an upcoming event (remember no obligation to purchase) simply let me know CONTACT US.